DBN has successfully executed several prestigious national and international BIM projects. Our core expertise lies in virtual design and construction, construction documentation, architectural, structural and MEP BIM modeling, developing 3D coordinated models, conflict and clash detection and resolution, value engineering, revisions and change management, pre-bid documentation, shop drawings, Schedules & BOQ's, COBie compliance.

DBN believes in creating partnerships and sharing responsibilities. Through our extensive experience across various sectors and team of qualified professionals, we offer seamless delivery pertinent to client geography and based on global industry best-practices. Partnering with DBN, you have the flexibility to leverage technology, domain knowledge and quality deliverables ensuring that you optimize project outcome and minimize risk while you focus on your core strengths to satisfy your clients and grow your business.


DBN is an established virtual design and construction consulting organization that provides a range of services to Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and Developers. Our BIM team understands the owner's requirements and specifications - our focus on detail will deliver your projects within budget and on time. DBN provides deep, functional expertise, and is known for our ability to deliver results to clients. We have a time tested methodology to complete our 3D models on Revit, CAD and Navisworks on time. We blend the perfect mix of human capital and technology to effect efficient VDC and BIM services on a wide range of projects.

We work on aggressive schedules and deliverables and pride ourselves at being quick, experienced, and lean. Our capabilities have allowed us to even shave weeks off aggressive coordination schedules.

BIM Level of Development(LOD)- 100, 200, 300, 350, 400, 500

DBN has expertise of delivering LOD for different levels. We adopt internationally accepted standard for Level of Development. These development models are purpose built in various stages of design, 3D visualization, estimations, fabrication, scheduling, construction-caliber quantities, and on-site production control.

LOD 100 - Concept Design

The building 3D model is developed to represent the information on basic level. Thereby, only conceptual model creation is possible in this stage. Parameters like area, height, volume, location and orientation are defined.

LOD 200 - Schematic Design

General model where elements are modeled with approximate quantities, size, shape, location and orientation. We can also attach non- geometric information to the model elements.

LOD 300 - Detailed Design

Accurate modeling and shop drawings where elements are defined with specific assemblies, precise quantity, size, shape, location and orientation. Here too we can attach non- geometric information to the model elements.

LOD 350 - Construction Documentation

It includes model detail and element that represent how building elements interface with various systems and other building elements with graphics and written definitions.

LOD 400 - Fabrication & Assembly

Model elements are modeled as specific assemblies, with complete fabrication, assembly, and detailing information in addition to precise quantity, size, shape, location and orientation.Non- geometric information to the model elements can also be attached.

LOD 500 - As-Built Design Construction

Elements are modeled as constructed assemblies for Maintenance and operations. In addition to actual and accurate in size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation, non-geometric information is attached to modeled elements.


BIM, during Design can play a pivotal role in Global exploring manifold opportunities of Urban expressions across the canvass of skylines. Design Development through BIM

4D – Construction Sequencing

Integration of the BIM model with Project Management schedules.

Model Phasing, Time-lining, Tabular Reports and Visualized output to facilitate in understanding how the project is planned to progress across its construction lifecycle Planned Vs actual progress on site

5D – Quantities & Cost

Quantity Take-off setup during the modeling process Near 100% accurate Quantity Take-off from the model Integration with MS Excel for Quantity Take-off showcasing the quantities in a flexible manner to facilitate ease of validation Phase-wise Quantity integrated with Construction Schedules.

COBie – Construction Operations Building information exchange

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is an international standard relating to managed asset information including space and equipment. It is closely associated with building information modeling (BIM) approaches to design, construction and management of built assets. COBie has been incorporated into software for planning, design, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance, and asset management.


Our MEP BIM Modeling services will produce a richly designed, visually graphic model that will communicate the functionality of your project. All domains will benefit from viewing a working model in preconstruction. The mechanical, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing aspects in your project can all be double checked for consistency and compatibility. The architects, engineers, and construction team will all be enabled to coordinate services. Having a properly designed, accurate, visual aid such as the MEP BIM modeling service can take your project to the next level and improve overall communication and co-ordination. You can save money to your bottom line when all of the teams involved have both a broad and detailed view of what is going to happen on site to make your vision and goals a reality.


Our team of dedicated BIM modelers have experience creating 3D MEPF on Revit. We are able to translate 2D drawings into a detailed BIM model with data and parametric families.


We have a team of experienced BIM consultants with many years of experience on Revit. Our team will transform your plans, drawings, and digital files into accurate BIM for construction models with clean families, information and details.


We model, detect, analyse and solve in alignment with our clients the clashes in the BIM model with the software Navisworks.

DBN counts on a team of skilled BIM clash detection consultants with extensive experience on a variety of tools. Our team of experts will coordinate various models, from Autodesk to Bentley file types into fully coordinated BIM for construction models with rich details, as well as clean references and layers.


Our team is composed of top-tier dual-degree professionals, with experience in architecture, engineering, and construction. Our backgrounds are as diverse as our clients with team members having prior experience in structural design, architecture, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design.

About Us

Our company offers Building Information Modelling (BIM) to help the construction professionals to bring an idea from concept to reality with a coordinated and consistent model based approach.